March 11, 2019



Fire System Monitoring

More Choices, Low Pricing, Outstanding Service

Any System, Any Maker

The Hue & Cry fire system alarm monitoring center can monitor and supervise most major systems, regardless of installer. Our state of the art monitoring center monitors your premises 24×7, 365 days a year.

More Choices

Fire alarm monitoring available through all channels: phone lines, radio, and cellular. It’s effective and affordable.

Top Rated Monitoring

Our U.L. certified monitoring center is top rated by customers and fire officials. Our personnel respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations

Security System Monitoring

World Class Business Security System Monitoring Located in Northern California

Top Rated, Top Certified

Our state of the art monitoring services qualify you for maximum allowable insurance credits. Smaller security installers often use the monitoring services of Hue & Cry.

Any System, Any Installer

Have a security system installed by another company? No problem. Hue & Cry monitors most alarm systems installed and made by others.

More Choices

We monitor systems using all technologies, including phone lines, radio, cellular and more. All are affordably priced and all come with Hue & Cry’s full dedication to outstanding service and performance.

Access Control Systems

From Single Door to Global Enterprise Systems

Any Technology

We work with all card technologies and biometrics.

Comprehensive Choices

Single door to global enterprise systems. PC-based or web-based. Stand-alone, integrated to your IT network or hosted and managed by us. Visitor management systems too.

Code Compliant Solutions

Hue & Cry integrates with fire alarms and other building controls systems in code compliant ways. We understand legislative mandates impacting the access control of your facility.